Bankers from across the globe say digitization is the only way forward for the banking sector. Many banks are investing heavily to automate most of their services and accelerate adaptation and resilience. But this is far from an easy task.

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Our guest on The Change Officer is the Head of Digital & Innovation, Corporate & Investment Bank at Mashreq Bank. Jameel Khan is on a mission to optimize Mashreq Bank for Digital while developing innovative customer journeys and engaging with exciting FinTech potential partners.

Jameel will share his lessons from extensive experience in various Financial Services sectors and reveal the…

Did you know that in late 2018, the total market value attributed to platform economics, including Facebook, Amazon, Airbnb, and Alibaba, was estimated at $7 trillion (Inside IBM Research)? And that is projected to expand to nearly one-third of all global commerce by 2025?

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Building a platform is not an easy task and a lot of corporations are exploring this opportunity. It all starts with deciding whether to build your own platform or participate in the existing one.

The best person who can tap into the greatest possibilities of platforms and teach us how to develop a platform strategy is…

The idea that much of today’s cash use will shift to digital tokens is not outlandish. But will it be a private cryptocurrency?

Think about it: governments will want to retain control of what circulates as money in their economies.

By the end of the current decade, the e-wallet on our smartphones could resemble a multicurrency account. But instead of dealing with commercial banks, you may be a customer of Central banks.

CBDC — Central bank digital currency, is a new type of currency that governments around the world are experimenting with.

Where will the future of money lead us…

How can buildings perform to their maximum potential? Why efficiency hasn’t scaled yet? How to harness the power of your purpose in the world?

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Charles Blaschke IV is on a mission to reduce the world’s energy consumption by 20% with energy efficiency — using technology, engineering, and finance. He launched Taka solutions in 2012, with the aim to address the waste of energy in the region caused by the poor and unhealthy construction of buildings in the UAE.

Taka solutions offers a very innovative business model, reducing the waste of energy in existing buildings while getting paid a portion of…

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Our guest in the new episode of The Change Officer podcast is one of the World’s Top 50 Women in Tech as identified by Forbes magazine.
She is also the only Arab woman in the Middle East running a VC fund, and the 1st woman to lead an IPO in the region, listing it for 1.1. billion US$.

We are so excited to introduce you to Noor Sweid — the incredibly passionate and successful founder of Global Ventures.

3 years ago, Noor left her role as Chief Investment Officer at the Dubai Future Foundation to start her own fund. She…

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